LOGO Angenelle


Works of Art

Her source of inspiration is her hometown IJsselstein and its immediate environment, or derives from her travels around the Mediterranean. She tries especially to absorb the particular colors and atmosphere in her encounters with nature. Once she is at home, back in her studio, she recalls the impressions the landscape has made and she then translates these onto her canvasses and prints using clear, bright colors and light.

“In my woodcuts, form and color are created by using wooden stamps, as it were. These stamps all need to be cut out of wooden boards, each one suited to one particular color only, and that in the size of the finished print. In order to find out just how many boards I need, I first paint a design. This is my crib sheet throughout the whole procedure. Using knives and gouges, I cut a mirror image for each color. This is tricky and precise work, for one mistake will render the entire plate useless. If the plate turns out alright, then it goes to press, after it has first been inked with the intended color and covered with a sheet of paper. At these stage, only one part of the entire print is down on paper, of course. The very same procedure is repeated in order to complete the entire set of prints. Accordingly, a second stamp needs to be cut for printing the next color, and so on, until all the required colors have been applied in such a way as to create, all together, the original design.”

Her landscapes do not so much represent a particular place, but sooner a visualization of a particular atmosphere and emotion. In her oil paintings, this is expressed by a forceful and mobile touch which is composed out of many, closely situated hues, which radiate a lively warmth. The oil paintings are at times applied in a dry and textual manner, then again in thick and palpable layers, both of which help to increase the spontaneity of the works of art.


Angenelle Thijssen completed her studies in 1985 at the Academy of Arts in Tilburg, The Netherlands. For two years she attended the intensive workshops at the Sommerakademie in Saltzburg, Austria, directed by Werner Otte. For another year, she studied painting with Ber Mengels at the Vrije Akademie in The Hague. Right now, Angenelle Thijssen is employed as an artist and teacher.

Angenelle Thijssen’s work is to be found at Art Fairs and in private collections at home and abroad.